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Invited presentation at the MOOC "TREES", Bordeaux 6 Decemeber 2023,  "Evolutionary adaptive responses of trees to climate change"  (in french, 65 minutes)

Invited presentation at the seminar "Forests, Climate and Society", Champenoux, 24 November 2022. "Born to run: the race for adaptation of oaks" (in french, 67 minutes)

Contribution to the MOOC "TREES",  Bordeaux, December 2022, "Recent evolutionary trajectories of trees"  (in french, 9 minutes)


Invited presentation at the AFI Conference (Uneven Forest Management Association), Châlons-en-Champagne, 12-13  May 2022, «Microevolution of oaks along climate change » (in french, 37 minutes)

Invited presentation at the ANR Conference «Trees, Forests, Wood and Societies», Bordeaux, 30-31 March 2021 «Evolutionary changes track climate change  in oaks » (in french, 32 minutes)

Invited presentation at the Genetree Conference «Genetics to the rescue: managing forests sustainably in a changing world», Avignon, 27-31 January 2020 « How does contemporary selection shape oak phenotypes » 41 minutes

Invited conference  at  la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie « Trees on the move.... », Paris, February 19 2019 ( in french 1h33)

Interview about the publication of the book « Forêts d’hier et de demain. 50 ans de recherches en Aquitaine » (Forests of today and tomorrow. 50 years of research in Aquitaine), Pierroton, December  2017 (in french, 12 minutes)

Invited presentation at the Conference organized by the French Academy of Sciences « Genetics 150 years after Mendel », Paris, 11-13 September 2016. « Microevolution of oaks in response to past and present environmental changes» (in french, 37 minutes)

Acceptance  speech  at the Honoris Causa Degree Ceremony  of the Polytechnic University of Madrid,  Universidad Polytécnica de Madrid,  22 April 2016.  “The oak show” (26 minutes)

Presentation at the 8th Conference of the International Oak Society, Morton Arboretum, Isle, Illinois, 18-21 October 2015. “The pace of microevolution of European oaks during Environmental changes” (35 minutes)

Award acceptance speech at the Lauriers d’Excellence Award Ceremony of INRA, Musée du Louvre, Paris, 7 December 2011 (in french, 20 minutes)

Invited conference at the Colloquium « Science, Innovation and Society ». Convention Centre, Nancy, 20 November 2007. «Migration of oaks: diversity as the fuel of evolution and sustainability of forests » (in french, 43 minutes)

Invited conference at the Marcus Wallenberg Symposium, Stockholm, 29 September 2006. “Understanding genetic diversity, a pillar for integrated sustainable forest management” (21 minutes)

Award  acceptance  speech  at the Award Ceremony of the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, Grand Hotel, Stockholm,  28 September 2006. “Diversity: the driving force of sustainability and evolution” (21 minutes)

Interview at the TV programme  Complément Terre » on channel Direct 8 « Will trees sustain climate change? », Paris, May 2006 (in french 54 minutes)

Interview at the TV programme  « Escapades » at the french channel FR3 « Trees and their real life » April 2006  (in french 52 minutes)

Interview  at the TV programme « Bibliothèque Médicis » (La chaine parlementaire, Public Sénat), March 2006. Title of the program « Secrets of identity » (in french, 56 minutes)

Contribution to the movie « Forêts, le grand réveil », 2001 (in french, 52 minutes)

Interview at the TV programme  « Envoyé Spécial » of channel  France 2  « Man and trees »  February 2000 (in french, 29 minutes)


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